45th Anniversary Cinderella Celebration Jersey

The short sleeve jersey: manufactured in California by Voler, this full color women's cut jersey uses Voler's AMP fabric - lightweight, breathable, and durable yet soft for maximum comfort and wicking. The jersey has a full length hidden zipper and 3 pockets.

Sizes are XSM to 3XL.

If you have a previous Cinderella jersey or other Voler jersey use it for sizing or use the Voler sizing chart 

The sleeveless vest: manufactured in California by Voler, this full color women's cut vest uses Voler's Stratus Fabric - lightweight, wind blocking and water repellent, the ideal choice for layering while cycling for maximum comfort. This sleeveless vest has a full length 2-way zipper, 3 pockets, mesh vented back and side panels and a reflective band on the back.

Sizes are XSM to 3XL. 

If you have a previous Cinderella vest or other Voler vest use it for sizing or use the Voler sizing chart.

Purchase of the Cinderella jersey & vest will be directly from Voler.


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