Mount Diablo Challenge - CANCELED

  • 04 Oct 2020
  • Virtual


Mount Diablo Challenge - 2020


Riders of all levels are welcomed to register and participate in this event. This event will be conducted “virtually”. Each participant shall:

1. Register with VSBC

2. Pay the registration fee of $20

3. Have a Strava account

(Course Definition needed)

Ride the event course anytime between a (one- or two-week) period in September and another (one- or two-week) period in October.  Document their event course time using Strava.  At the end of the last period in October they would represent their best time to complete the course on a Strava Mount Diablo Challenge Club leaderboard.  

VSBC will award the best times by gender and age categories (similar to last year) and use about 80% of the registration fees to award cash prizes.  The amounts of the cash prizes would be in proportion to how many registered in each gender/age category.  If there are any sponsors, some prizes could be added, e.g. Hammer products, equipment, etc. The portion of the registration not going to prizes would be used to pay for club expenses which would primarily be insurance. 

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